How to get groceries delivered for free. Use Shipt. Signup here and get $10 free.

Shipt during coronavirus

I recently discovered Shipt and got * $10 free * for signing up for Shipt and ordering groceries from Target! Shipt delivers Target orders! A great way to save money in 2020! Shipt also delivers Petco purchases (you order online).

  1. Signup for a Shipt account.
  2. Pay the annual membership free (you will receive $10 off).
  3. Put the groceries in your “Shipt shopping cart”.
  4. Check out.
  5. Receive your orders within 24 hours or less (usually 2 hours for me).
When you sign up you will receive:
  1. Unlimited delivery on your groceries.
  2. Save lots of money on food (they have sale prices, money back offers)!
  3. Get a $10 credit every time you refer a friend to Shipt.* They’ll also save $10 on annual membership ($89, reg. $99).
  4. Click here to sign up for Shipt!

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