Something *free* to do. Enjoy a picture of the sunrise.

Enjoy the sunrise, take a picture for *free*.

Sunrise picture Copyright 2020

Sunrise picture Copyright 2020 Enjoy the sun! ~

 ~ Enjoy the sun! ~

Do you have trouble waking up early in the morning? Do you find it hard to get up early while you are on vacation (at a scenic place) because you want to sleep in and just rest and relax? Do you have trouble waking up early because your bed is so darn comfortable?

Trust me, try to get up early one morning and witness nature’s beauty and enjoy a beautiful sunrise. Truly divine. This is one gift that someone above has given each of us the awe-inspiring opportunity to experience everyday.

~ Just try to relax ~

If you have the chance to experience the morning sunrise, you may be able to also see the moon. The coolest thing ever.

Additionally, I recommend that you do the following:

  • Pray for your loved ones.
  • Say a prayer to a friend or relative who has moved on.
  • Talk to yourself about what you plan to accomplish for the day.
  • Experience some quiet time.
  • Meditate.
  • Thank someone above for this beautiful gift of life.
  • Thank someone above for this beautiful gift – the sunrise!
  • Take deep breaths and breathe out slowly.
  • Thank God you are alive to see the sunrise.
  • Again, thank God you are alive to see the sunrise.

Start your day off with a positive outlook on life 🙂

Starting your day off positive is very important to set a direction for the whole day. Will it be good or bad, joyful or sad, positive or negative? In most cases, we choose demeanor by means of our attitude.

The way we start our day is so important to our mental health. What better way to start your day then to appreciate the world around you – your friends, your life, your children, or parents, or partner, or friends, or beloved pets who love you unconditionally?

~ Location, location ~

Depending on where you are, you can breathe in the air…the air around a freshwater lake, the fresh air blowing in from the ocean, fresh air surrounding your garden, or your backyard.

You do not necessarily have to be on *vacation* to experience the natural beauty and wellness benefits of a sunrise….you just have to be creative in your mind, and most importantly, relax.

~ You never know what surprises you may find… ~

…when you least expect them.

~  ~  ~

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