Ideas for feeding a fussy cat or dog

Feed pets during coronavirus

Why didn’t I think of this sooner?

© Copyright 2020 – Dog food ice cube tray

© Copyright 2020 – Dog food ice cube tray

Like humans, cats and dogs sometimes don’t feel well. If your dog usually eats anything and everything — and now it takes a long time to eat — they may be feeling sick. Here are some steps to follow to make ice cube chicken cubes (and freeze the ice cube chicken cubes) to add to their food.

♦ Sick dog? 

Even if your dog is not sick, your dog may just be fussy. I tried so many different dry dog foods and sometimes my dogs don’t seem to care for any. After many meals in which dog food was throw away and my dogs would not eat, I found a way to entice them to eat her meals. Mixing pieces of chicken or homemade chicken broth mixed into dog food may entice your cat or dog to eat.

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(1) First, boil, cook, and grind some chicken in a blender or Vitamix.

(2) Put the chicken in silicone ice cube trays (fill 1/2 way).

(3) Add add more or less chicken depending on how much you have.

(4) Now add the water that you cooked the chicken in.

.Add broth to ground chicken(5) Freeze

Why didn’t I think of this sooner?