How to learn about couponing

I can helping you save money using coupons, more information to come. Tip #1 – Go through the weekly store fliers and circle all of the items (on sale!) that you are interested in buying. Tip #2 – Google organizing your coupons using the “trading card”, zip up coupon binder approach …it will be well worth your time and money spend on an organized couponing system – use a zip up binder so your coupons do not fall out!  ~MarloByDesign

3 comments on “How to learn about couponing

  1. Sally H

    I am broke, so I have to get started with coupons. Thanks for the article. Can I email you with 2 questions?

  2. Gina E.

    I am a busy Mom of 5. I need all of the advice I can get when getting started with couponing. Appreciate the tips.

  3. Marlo Post author

    Dick, I recommend this format because it is so user friendly and I love the format. Thank you so much for stopping by. ~Marlo

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