Inbox Dollars Review $5 *free* for signing up – Great way to make money online

Here is my honest review of Inbox Dollars, a way to make some money online. From my personal experience, this is a great opportunity to earn a little extra money online. Inbox Dollars actually pays cash!



  1. Free to join
  2. $5.00 bonus for joining
  3. Once you join, Inbox Dollars sends you a confirmation email, then you can instantly start earning money and monitoring your earnings on their site.
  4. Excellent customer service – You can submit tickets via their website.


Ways to Earn Cash

  1. Reading emails – receive 3 cents for each email read (with a few clicks, you can earn).
  2. Cash Surveys – You can earn $1.00/day for doing the maximum of one (that is $30.00 per month!). Surveys are even available on weekends. This is where I make most of my money, by doing one per day.
  3. Trial Offers – You can sign-up for trial offers (they range from free 7-day trials to 30-day trials, depending on the merchant). For example, I earned $10 for trying eFax, and canceled it within the 30-day trial, and did not pay anything for eFax, and still received $10 from Inbox Dollars (2 days after I signed up for the trial).
  4. Complete Offers – Receive anywhere from $0.50 to $1.50 for completing offers (i.e. signing up for other survey programs, signing up for free information, etc.)
  5. Cash Shopping – If you are planning on purchasing something online, or shop online anyway, see if the merchant is listed under Inbox Dollars – and you will receive 1-20% back for clicking on the merchants website from InboxDollars). You are still ordering directly from the merchant’s site, basically you were just referred to them via For example, I personally received $2.15 back for ordering printer ink, which I was going to order anyway, and found a very cheap deal through Inbox Dollars
  6. Cash Games – You can earn cash back for playing games. (I have not tried this).
  7. Make Money Through Referrals – You can refer a friend and make money.


  • Takes 30 days to process a check (but as of 1/1/2008, you become a Gold Member after your first check request, and your checks will be processed weekly)
  • $3.00 free to request a check (not out-of-pocket, this fee is taken from your earnings)

Keep your account active – Make sure you keep your account active (check the emails Inbox Dollars sends you). In my experience, they only send you a handful a week.

How to Get Paid

When you account reaches $30.00, you can request a check for a $3.00 processing fee, or let your money grow. I wanted to see if I would actually receive a check, so I requested a check for $30 as soon as my account his $30 (which I did). My second check was for $56.00. Now I am letting my account grow a little higher, since I trust Inbox Dollars so very much!

Conclusion – Sign up!

You can also receive more money if you refer others, so if you decide to sign-up (and since I took the time to write this review), could you please sign-up using my referral banner (below)? Thank you and happy earning!

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