How to Organize and Pay Your Bills, and Never Pay a Late Fee Again

I know, it is so overwhelming to pay bills. I have a simple solution for this – grab all of your bills for a month and write them down by date order.

Most of your bills are monthly and recurring. So grab a piece of paper (or use Microsoft Excel), and write down all of your bills.

Example: (Click on image to enlarge)

Monthly Expense Sheet 2008


  1. Make a Full Year Of Expense Sheets – One for each month (one for January, one for February, up to December).
  2. Write Down the Bill Immediately – When ever a bill comes in the mail, if is emailed to you, or you check a bill on line … WRITE IT ON YOUR SHEET.
  3. Consistency – Be consistent, and do this whenever a bill comes in. If you do not, you may loose track.
  4. Write the Due Dates of Each Bill in Your Planner or Calendar – You need to write each bill on your monthly planner or calendar. This sheet will not do you any good, if you do not remember what the due dates are. Also, if the due dates are not written down on your monthly planning tool, you may forget a date. If you do not have a planner or calendar, you need to refer to this sheet everyday. However, you may check you sheet one day and realize the bill is due! You will be paying it that day and probably be late.
  5. Pay your bills on time – If you online pay your bills online, schedule it will enough time to pay. If you write a check, send it in plenty of time so you are not late.
  • (Once you are disciplined and use this approach, you will be able to breath easier. You will not pay late fees, and make sure to pay the bills on time.)

In my opinion, I do not recommend having the money taken directly out of your checking account. I would rather use online bill pay, or sent a check, and have control over my money. However, if you have a car payment and like the money taken out of your account every month (and you are not over withdrawing), by all means, use this approach.

You CAN afford to spend 15 minutes a week in your finances, and avoid late fees.

If you are paying $6/month in late fees –that equals $72 dollars a year ($6 x 12 months). What about these hefty credit cards late fees – some are upwards of $39/month!

By using my systematic approach to paying your bills hassle free … save yourself the stress, and money!

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  1. Matt

    Wow, thanks for the tips. I’ve been looking for a way to get more organized. I think this will really help!

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