Saving money on my pets 2011 $10 off coupon/Plus *Free* shipping

Having pets is like having children – you need to feed them, buy them snacks, take them outside on walks, pay for their medical care, their toys, and give them lots of love.

Fortunately, an education to Yale is not in the cards (thank goodness!).

Here are some ways to save money on your pets:

  1. Save money using has a $10 off coupon
  2. Cut their own nails (Clipper: $4-$15) – A one-time expense
  3. Eliminate the groomers (Shampoo: $6.00, Brush: $7.00) – A one-time expense for the brush, not the shampoo you can use, and is currently offering *Free* Shipping.

College education: Free!

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Thurs, 7/7/2011 *How can I save a dollar today?*

  1. Make your own coffee at home.
  2. Bring your lunch to work.
  3. Buy a 24 pack of water ahead of time (and on sale!) instead of buying a small water for $1.99 at a gas station or convenience store.
  4. Unplug unused electronics (yes, unplug, do not just turn off!).
  5. Ride your bike to a nearby store instead of driving.
  6. Use coupons to buy your groceries.
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Print online coupons from

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Happy July 4th, 2011 ~Independence Day in the United States of America~

Happy 4th of July from MarloByDesign

Happy 4th of July from MarloByDesign

MarloByDesign wishes all our readers a Happy 4th of July!

Wishing you and your family a safe, Happy, and frugal 4th of July 2011!

Frugal ideas for the 4th of July 2011:

  • Google your local town’s listing for Fireworks Activities/Displays.
  • Pack some snacks and drinks from home.
  • Enjoy the beach in the afternoon, or a barbeque with friends and family.


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Bank of America ends Keep the Change on 6/6/2011…read this.

Bank of America ends Keep the Change
Bank of America ends Keep the Change June 2011

One of our readers asked a question this week about Bank of America’s Keep the  Change program.

Question from Peter in New York, New York:


“I heard from a co-worker that Bank of America is ending Keep the Change on June 6, 2011. Is this true? I searched on Bank of America’s website and could not find any information. Thanks.”

Answer from Marlo’s Money Advice:

We contacted Bank of America directly and this is what we were told:

Thank you for your inquiry dated 6/28/11 regarding the Keep the Change. We understand your concerns regarding the in the promotional match of Keep the Change program.

Please be informed that beginning on 6/6/11, as part of the Keep the Change® match modification, customers who enrolled in Keep the Change prior to 11/30/10 will cease to receive the 5% ongoing match. Customers enrolled in the Keep the Change program will continue to build their savings through the round up of eligible debit transactions and the 100% promotional match for the first 90 days after enrollment.
The following changes will be applied to the Keep the change program:

– You will no longer receive the 5% match.
– You will receive an early payout for the ongoing match.

For more information, please call us at 1.800.432.1000, we are available between 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Friday; 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Eastern Time.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding in this matter.If we may be of further assistance, please contact us again by e-mail. We value you as a customer and appreciate your business. Thank you for choosing Bank of America.Sincerely, Vignesh Bhagirathi, Bank of America


Unfortunately Peter, Bank of America has ended their highly marketed Keep the Change program on June 6, 2011.


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