Saving money on my pets 2011 $10 off coupon/Plus *Free* shipping

Having pets is like having children – you need to feed them, buy them snacks, take them outside on walks, pay for their medical care, their toys, and give them lots of love.

Fortunately, an education to Yale is not in the cards (thank goodness!).

Here are some ways to save money on your pets:

  1. Save money using has a $10 off coupon
  2. Cut their own nails (Clipper: $4-$15) – A one-time expense
  3. Eliminate the groomers (Shampoo: $6.00, Brush: $7.00) – A one-time expense for the brush, not the shampoo you can use, and is currently offering *Free* Shipping.

College education: Free!

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