2011 TLC’s popular reality show, Extreme Couponing may be hurting couponers

TLC ExtremeCouponing

TLC Extreme Couponing

Do you use coupons? Are you an extreme couponer? The TLC show Extreme Couponing could be hurting your current and future coupon use.

According to Yahoo Finance on Monday, June 27, 2011, Extreme Couponing may be hurting couponer’s morale. Not able to buy $200 worth of groceries and pharmacy chain store items for only $1.25? Do you feel depressed about this? Shopper’s may becoming disheartened over the entire shopping and couponing process.

According to Sam of Portland, Maine

“I spent around 40 hours during the past 30 days, bought a zip-up couponing binder recommended on Marlo’s article Try *Groupon* get $20 free, and save money in 2011, cut coupons, and circled all of the sale items from Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target and CVS.

I matched up the sale items with my coupons, and still cannot seem to buy $80 of products for $1.00….I feel like I have wasted my time and my gas!

I even signed up for Groupon and Living Social through http://www.marlobydesign.com/blog/2011/06/try-groupon-to-save-money-in-2011 and am still waiting for deals to be emailed to me. I know there are great deals through these 2 websites, but I am getting impatient and really want the deals now!”

Here are some ideas for balanced coupon use:

  • Acquiring extra coupons – Ask your neighbors or relatives for their unused coupons. Do not spend extra money buying 10 or more Sunday newspapers.
  • Only buy what you need or will use, or get the “free” items to trade with your neighbors, friends, or relatives. (It is helpful to know your neighbors, friends, or relatives widely used items.)
  • Save gas – If you can save $1.00 on an item at a store far away, do not use your gas up for this “great” deal.
  • Stock up on items that you will really use, i.e. aspirin or deodorant, so you do not have to drive out in bad weather (or the winter months) to pick up one item.
  • Start swapping coupons – Do your neighbors, friends, or relatives know your favorite items? Trade your coupons with them.

The focus of this blog is to learn how to save yourself money – and teaching your neighbors, friends, or relatives – how to do the same.


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